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The 5 Step Process

The 5 Step Process

Building Signature Series Houses & Mansions

STEP 1: Schematic Design (SD)

SAFEST HOUSE SIGNATURE SERIES interiors are custom made and included in the price. This allows all your thoughts and dreams to be created during the Schematic Design phase. We create a list of your spatial requirements ranging from number of bedrooms and baths, size of the kitchen, bonus room, office, gym, art studio, entertainment etc.) from which we will base all of our subsequent designs. All SIGNATURE SERIES Home Owners receive a Code Analysis to establish specific zoning and environmental restrictions. Based on the Program and Code Analysis, we will prepare preliminary design sketches of a site plan (the proposed building located on your site), floor plans (layout) and elevations (exterior views of the building). We will prepare an Outline Specification; a list describing the proposed products and materials to be used on the project, and depending on the size and complexity of your project, we may prepare multiple schemes and discuss with you the benefits and/or drawbacks of each. SIGNATURE SERIES customers gain a complete and accurate understanding of your specific and personal requirements to detail. SIGNATURE SERIES provides a 3D perspective design drawing(s) for one of a kind interiors. Upon completion of the Schematic Design phase, we will prepare a preliminary cost each additional luxury added to the Signature Series Models to select options created for your Safest House or Mansion.

STEP 2-A: Design Development (DD)

All of the major decisions for the project will be made during the initial portion of the Design Development Phase exclusive of those pertaining to foundations, water supply and sewage facilitation. The sketches prepared during Schematic Design will be detailed and developed into a set of design drawings suitable for further development with respect to interior finishes and accommodations depending upon any additional luxury items adding to the published price. Building materials, fixtures and basic finishes will be recommended and listed in a schedule. A code review will be performed to confirm that the project meets with the limits and requirements established by building and zoning regulatory agencies having jurisdiction.

STEP 2-B: Design Refinement (DD-R)

When Phase Two Point One is complete, the project will have been cohesively developed and your Safest House licensed structural engineer within the jurisdiction of code enforcement authorities, Construction Documents are ready to be created.

STEP 3: Construction Documents (CD)

With the design fully developed, all the required technical information, such as dimensions and notes, will be added to the drawings. A Project Manual will be developed, which will include a final Specification document (a detailed description of every material and product used on the job) and various material lists (door schedule, window schedule, finish schedule, etc.). Combined, the Construction Drawings and the Project Manual become the legal documents from which a Safest House Certified Contractor construct your new dream home. We will also prepare your Application for Building Permit at this time and submit the completed set of Construction Documents to the Building Department for their approval and comments (if any). As noted above in 2.2, a Safest House Structural Engineer will produce drawings and specifications appropriate for this project for inclusion in the Construction Documents.

STEP 4: Design Completion (DC)

Once you approve the work completed in Step 3, we will prepare a comprehensive package includes a complete set of Construction Documents (Construction Drawings and Project Manual) and the schedule requirements (instructions, due date, etc.) of building your Safest House. Most Safest Houses built in 50 countries take 10-90 days to complete based on local laws, codes and time for inspectors. In the USA Safest Houses generally built in 15-30 days with Safest Mansions 90-120 days.

STEP 5: Construction Administration (CA)

This is the phase when all of our collective innovative work comes together. During the construction of this historical project, Safest House Certified Licensed Architects ensure all aspects of the construction are compliant. Schedule and efficiently to completion, a special moment occurs during the inaugural “walk-through” of your new Safest House.

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